You do not speak Italian and you are wondering what is this all about?
No worries: we speak English as well!

We are Daka (aka Claudia, 27 years old) and Dark (aka Marco, 31 years old), wife-and-husband-to-be who love videogames, role playing games, books, comics, cinema and TV series... Does it ring a bell? Maybe because you heard the words "nerd" and "geek" before. Anyway, after Dark proposed to me by a simple RPG videogame he programmed, we decided to marry on September 2015. Our dream, for our special day, is to set up a nerd-themed wedding, to show our relatives and friends our passion for all this stuff we daily share.

"But why starting a blog about it?", you are probably asking yourself. The reason is we are penniless, with a mortgage to start paying and modernising works required by the old apartment that will become our family's home. But we really, really want to marry. So we decided to have a "sponsored wedding": we are looking for sponsors willing to help us make our dream real in exchange for exposure on our social pages as such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram; also, we are going to mention every sponsor on our invitations and other publications. We have found some good people already, but the road is long and winding, and any help would be most welcome.

If you like our story and want to give us a hand, email us at darkperdaka[@]yahoo.it or call us at 0039 3338969800, or

Thank you all for reading and for your help!

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#Nerdwedding is a thing [July 26, 2014]

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